Planning and Development Division

The role and functions of Planning and Development Division of the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh are to formulate plans for over all development of the university education of the country. Apart form physical and infra-structural development of public and private universities, major thrust in the planning of university education is to bring necessary improvement in the standard and quality of university education. The Education and Research Network (BERNET) have been established for better co-ordination and co-operation between the Universities and the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. This has paved the way for our students, teachers, officers and researchers to enter into the world-wide information technology network.


The Planning and Development Division of the UGC has been constantly trying to bring real and meaningful improvement in development activities and to establish planning discipline, accountability and transparency in the operating procedure of development projects undertaken by the universities.


The main functions of the Planning and Development Division are as follows:


  • formulate development plan for the university education sub-sector;
  • examine, analyze and appraise the development schemes submitted by the universities;
  • formulation of Annual Development Programme (ADP) & Annual Foreign Exchange Budget (AFEB) for the university education sub-sector;
  • formulate plans for establishment of new universities, in the country and new institutes & departments in the existing universities;
  • inspection, supervision and reporting on the progress of the development projects undertaken by the universities;
  • collect, analyze and interpret statistical data with regard to the university education;
  • monitor and evaluate of the development projects undertaken by the university education sub-sector;
  • ensure proper, smooth and timely implementation of development projects under the university education sub-sector;
  • collect monthly, quarterly, yearly report and completion report of the development projects of the universities and transmit those reports to the Ministry of Education and other agencies with necessary comments of the UGC;
  • foster linkage programmes with foreign universities and research organizations through TAPP for transfer of technology;
  • hold monthly review meetings in the UGC and attend various review meetings held in the Ministry of Education, Planning Commission and other national and international agencies.