Information Management, Communication and Training (IMCT)

Information Management, Communication and Training (IMCT) is a new division of Bangladesh University Grants Commission formed on 24 April 2011 to enhance the strategy, policy, administrative, financial and research activities in higher education sector using information and communication technology.

The aims and objectives of the division are to:

  • Assist UGC Authority to enhance ICT activities in higher education sector.
  • Initiative to implement policies, master plans of Government in ICT sector.
  • Build cooperation and relation with different ministries, organizations for exchange of information of higher education sector.
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate information of higher education sector through web interface.
  • Build archive for information of UGC and higher education sector.
  • Build, manage and operate IT infrastructure at UGC to manage information flow within internet and intranet.
  • Build, manage and operate UGC automation services.
  • Manage and operate UGC website.
  • Manage and operate Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS).
  • Manage and operate UGC Digital Library (UDL).
  • Manage and coordinate the activities Trans Eurasia Information Network (TEIN).
  • Coordinate activities of Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN).
  • Manage and operate Private University Management Information System (PUMIS).
  • Provide hardware and software support in UGC.