The Role and Functions of Private University Division

Public universities are not adequate to meet up the ever increasing demand of higher education of the 21st century. In order to address this demand the Government of Bangladesh enacted Private University Act, 1992 (amended in 1998) to establish Private Universities in the country. This Act, however, could not fulfill the growing challenges with regard to quality education. transparency, accountability, dynamism and after all good governance. Under this back drop Private University Act, 2010 was passed in the National Parliament.


At present there are 95 Private Universities in Bangladesh including 52 in Dhaka and 43 in other parts of the country. The Government has given priority to establish at least one Private University in each district. The rationale of this idea is to promote higher education and      research and to bring these facilities within the reach of the rural people. It may be mentioned that out of 3.2 million students 0.4 million have been studying in Private Universities.


The Private University Division is entrusted with the responsibilities concerning management of academic, administrative and financial matters. The main role and functions of this division are to:

  • ensure good governance in academic, administrative and financial matters;
  • enhance quality of education;
  • scrutinize the proposal of proposed universities;
  • visit the physical infrastructure and facilities of proposed universities and send report to the Government;
  • approve curricula and syllabus of proposed programs;
  • arrange surprise and regular visits to Private Universities;
  • coordinate with the Ministry of Education and other ministries;
  • nominate syndicate members and prepare guidelines for the syndicates;
  • frame rules and guidelines for faculty recruitment, promotion and student admission etc;
  • monitor Uniform Grading System across the universities;
  • frame guidelines for standard curriculum of different programs;
  • prepare draft guidelines for Quality Assurance,
  • take necessary actions against irregularities;
  • update activities of Private University Division in UGC website.


Composition Of the division: The Private University Division is headed by a Director, Deputy Director, Senior Assistant Directors, Assistant Directors and other officers and staffs.