Administration Division Activities

Secretariat and Administration Division


The role and functions of the Secretariat and Administration Division are to provide secretarial and general services to the UGC. There are a Secretariat and five Sections under this division. The activities and functions of these Sections and offices are outlined below.



The functions of the Secretariat are:

  • drawing and disbursing functions of the Commission;         
  • coordination of the works of other Divisions;
  • arranging meeting of the Commission;
  • selecting candidates for foreign scholarship, fellowship etc.;
  • signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), pacts/agreements with national and international bodies;
  • formulation of new policies/ legal documents relating to higher education;
  • reviewing of existing policies/ legal documents relating to higher education and the Higher Education Institutions (HEI);
  • implementing all decisions relating to the Secretariat and Administration Division.


1. Administrative Section

The functions of the Administrative Section are as to:

(a) Personnel Matters:

  • maintain personal files and records of the employees of the Commission;
  • prepare and maintain complete database of the employees and provide necessary information to the authority/ministry as per requirement;
  • maintain files of all kinds of leave, increments, seniority list, pay and allowances of the officers and staff of the Commission;
  • deal with retirement and pension benefits of the employees;
  • deal with the disciplinary matters in relation to the officers and staff of the Commission; 
  • collect information and prepare replies to the questions of the National Assembly and submit the same to the Government as per requirement;
  •  maintain files of Annual Confidential Report (ACR) of the employees of the Commission;
  • maintain liaison with the Government, universities and other Government and semi-Government organizations on different matters/issues;
  • provide necessary information to the Government with regard to the establishment of Private Universities;
  • process and nominate staff and officer of the Commission with respect to all local and foreign trainings;
  • frame Rules/Regulations/Statutes etc. of the UGC and the Universities under the guidance of the UGC;
  • perform the functions with respect to manpower planning such as creation of posts, recruitment, promotion, upgradation and placement of manpower to different Divisions and
  • provide incentives to its manpower in the form of Time-Scale and Selection Grade Scale, honorarium to the employees.



(b) Security Matter:

  •  prepare security plan and take necessary measures for maintaining overall security at the UGC office building and other installations.


2. General Services and Estate Section

The role and functions of the General Services and Estate Section are to provide general services to the UGC. The activities and functions of this section are outlined below:


(a) Transport:

  • discharge duties in respect of transportation and route management of all the employees of the Commission;
  •     discharge duties for the maintenance of log books, tax-token, fitness and insurance     

           papers of the vehicles owned by the UGC and

  •     discharge duties in respect of maintenance and preservation of the vehicles.


(b) Support Services:

  • perform duties with regard to all sorts of repairing and maintenance works of the Commission’s assets and properties;
  • repair and maintenance of all office equipments, machineries, furniture and fixture of the Commission;
  • prepare room planning and accordingly,         allocate office room to the officers and staff of the Commission and
  • maintenance of generator and power station of office building.


(c) Estate:

  • repairing, renovation and maintenance of all buildings and installations of the UGC;
  • maintenance of electricity, water and gas lines of UGC office building, UGC residential area, residence of Chairman and Members;
  • maintain records of all assets and properties;
  • collection and payment of municipal tax and other bills;
  • allocation of quarters to the staff and officers of the UGC;
  • entertain complaints with regard to supply of water, electricity, gas and telecommunication services and take measures to bring them to order;
  • arrange payments of bills of utility services like electricity, water, gas and telephone of the Commission and
  • discharge duties pertaining to the matter of municipality taxes i.e. land and buildings of the Commission.


3. Procurement Section

The role and functions of this Section are as follows:

  • purchase and procurement of office equipment, machineries, vehicles, furniture and fixture;
  • procurement and distribution of stationery items for the store of the UGC.


4. Legal Section

The key roles of this section are to:

  • deal with all matters relating to legal affairs;
  • file case(s) in the court against the institutions/persons for violation of provision relating to establishment and operation of Private University and cross-border institution as a plaintiff;
  • defend cases that have been filed against the Commission;
  • give opinion on Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), pacts, agreements and similar legal documents;
  • provide legal opinion on other matters as decided by the Commission;
  • prepare appropriate duty roster for the security personnel and deploy them at different  important points/places for maintaining overall security at the UGC office building and the office-cum-residence  buildings at Dhanmondi and UGC residential area.

5. Medical Section

Main function of the Medical Section is to provide primary and emergency health services to the Chairman, Members and employees of the Commission.


Composition: The Secretariat and Administration Division is headed by a Secretary who is assisted by Joint Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Senior Assistant Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Medical Officer and a number of other officers and staffs.


International Cooperation and Collaboration (ICC) Section


ICC Section is an integral part of Chairman’s Office. It was formed in 2011 especially to facilitate congregation of Bangladeshi participants in different international programs. Since the emergence of the section, it has been playing a significant role.


Key Functions of ICC Section are to:


  • deal with all matters relating to International Cooperation and Collaboration in higher education;
  • administer various Scholarship and Fellowship programs such as JSPS, SAARC Scholarship and Fellowship, SAARC Chair and similar other programs;
  • explore opportunities of funding for University Faculty Members and UGC Personnel to facilitate their participation in various foreign and international trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences and similar other programs;
  • facilitate various trainings sponsored by the British Council and similar other foreign organizations;
  • conduct admission test of South Asian University (India), run and managed by SAARC;
  • deal with foreign funded/collaborative joint research projects such as JSPS-RONPAKU-UGC Joint Research Project and RONPAKU-UGC (PhD Dissertation) program;
  • disseminate the information of different scholarship and fellowship programs offered by different international organizations;
  • administer Commonwealth Scholarship (Academic & Open) and Commonwealth Medical Fellowship programs;
  • deal with University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) program;
  • deal with various scholarships, awards and prizes sponsored  by the UNESCO Commission.

Composition: ICC is comprised of an Additional Director, a Deputy Secretary, a Senior Assistant Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, an Administrative Officer and a supporting staff.


Public Relations Section


The main responsibilities of Public Relations Section are to:

  • communicate with different news agencies/media and newspapers regarding the activities of the UGC;
  • perform responsibilities in respect of printing and publications of UGC Bulletin, UGC Diary etc.
  • take necessary steps to publish the news of the activities of the UGC such as workshops, seminars and similar other events;
  • collect, preserve and disseminate information/data from different universities related to higher educational activities at home and abroad;
  • maintain protocol, public relations and information services;
  • prepare abstract on articles especially at tertiary level education which are written by renowned educationists and
  • perform other duties assigned by the Commission.

Composition: The Public Relations Section is headed by an Additional Director, who is assisted by a Deputy Secretary, a Senior Assistant Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, administrative officer and a number of staff.