Chairman's Message

Good governance is a prerequisite for the rapid economic growth and development of a country. Education, especially higher education, facilitates good governance by preparing leadership for the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge to the society. Educated human resource is the major driving forces for economic growth, and this poses a challenge for any developing country to develop a competitive human resource from its own system of higher education. In the task of ensuring quality improvement in higher education in Bangladesh, the University Grants Commission has encouraged and supported both public and private universities and other  higher education institutions in the country to conduct and monitor all academic programs under its Ministry of Education,  funding and also significantly innovation of Higher Education under the grant assistance of the World Bank Projects (HEQEP).They also monitor all curriculum activities of all private universities of Bangladesh.  It is expected that during the operation of the World Bank's 'Higher Education Quality Enhancement Projects' in the next five years, a number of higher education institutions will get benefit in developing their educational activities, connectivity of internetworking systems, consortium of digital library, quality assurance cell and accreditation systems of Higher Education in Bangladesh. Quality of education at higher levels has been a concern in Bangladesh for decades. On the other hand, quality education at tertiary level is the prime driving force for socio-economic uplift of the nation. Apart from some renowned public universities, the endeavors of some private universities to improve the quality of higher education and produce world-class graduates are appreciable. I believe that University Grants Commission of Bangladesh has been trying to contribute positively to the monitoring of quality of higher education in our country with special emphasis on ICT and others significant industrials sectors.


Professor Abdul Mannan

Chairman, UGC

University Grants Commission of Bangladesh