Ragging at Jahangirnagar University: UGC holds meeting with JU Authority

Ragging at Jahangirnagar University: UGC holds meeting with JU Authority

The University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh held a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, Pro VCs, Proctorial bodies, Deans and Provosts of the Residential Halls of JU on 04 September 2018 to discuss the incidences of ragging at the campus.

The Chairman of UGC earlier formed a three-member sub-committee headed by Professor Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Ali Mollah, Member, UGC after receiving a letter from the Prime Minister’s Office to investigate the ragging and others incidences occurring at JU. The action followed when Mizanur Rahman, a first semester student of Computer Science and Engineering department of JU fell sick in February, 2018  after ragging by senior students of CSE department.

Professor Abdul Mannan, Chairman of UGC presided over the meeting while Professor Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Ali Mollah presented the report of the sub-committee in the meeting.  Professors Dr. Dil Afroza Begum and Dr. M. Shah Nowaz Ali, Members, UGC were present in the meeting. Dr. Md. Khaled, Secretary of UGC and Director in–charge of Public University Management Division Mr. Md. Kamal Hossain, among others, were present.

There was a threadbare discussion on every aspects of ragging as well as other unlawful activities sometimes occurring at JU came up for discussion.

Professor Mannan expressed his optimism that the university should be a hub of free thinking and knowledge and everybody associated with University administration should be alert so that our successes cannot be tarnished by some evil forces.

Professor Mollah said that ragging is a serious issue that JU and other universities are facing today. He expressed his hope that all have to work together to resolve the problem which has now become a national issue.

Professor Farzana Islam, VC of JU said that everybody is against ragging and her administrations will extend all cooperation to stop this and other unlawful activities taking place in the campus.

A resolution was adapted to form a Committee including representative from JU nominated by the VC for deriving practical suggestions and finding ways and means to address the ragging and other incidences at JU. The Committee will function with immediate effect.

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